• Sort what’s in your closet
  • Shop for what’s missing
  • Style it all to Shine Bright!

Wardrobe Services

Closet Audit



Is your closet crowded with things you don’t wear, or do you feel stressed getting dressed in the morning? Let’s start at the very beginning- an evaluation of your current wardrobe and organization.  During this closet audit session, we will:

· Define your style personality & assess your wardrobe needs based on your lifestyle

· Determine pieces that you should keep, break up with and toss, donate, or alter 

· Create head-to-toe looks from items already in your closet

· Discuss styling tips and tricks

· Discuss what you might need to fill holes in your existing wardrobe

After our time together, I will send you follow-up correspondence that includes a list of my recommendations to shop for based on the holes in your wardrobe we pinpointed.

Allow 3 hours

*If we need more time to tackle your whole closet, I offer follow-up closet audit sessions at a discounted rate.


Let's go Shopping



If you are still needing a little more direction after the Closet Audit, you may decide you'd like to go shopping together to acquire pieces that will fill gaps in your current wardrobe. Together we will:

· Select stores that work with your personal style and budget

· Explore the stores to put together fabulous outfits or add to what you have at home 

· Work as a team to make sure you understand how to shop more efficiently with amazing results on your own

Allow a minimum of 2 hours

Wardrobe Update



Do you want to skip the Closet Audit because you already have a style that makes you happy, but you are overwhelmed by shopping alone or want some help updating your current wardrobe? Let’s go shopping together for:

· Seasonal updates

· Accessories/shoes

· Special occasion outfits

· Hard-to-find items

· More of the items that already define you

With your budget in mind, we will ensure you get what you need to refresh your personal style. 

Allow a minimum of 2 hours


What to Wear?


Do you look in your closet and say “I have nothing to wear” or keep wearing the same outfits because it’s easy? Sometimes we get excited and buy things we wouldn’t normally wear and it doesn’t work when you get it home, or you’ve tried something new from Pinterest and it didn’t fit your style. No matter if it’s a recent purchase, still has the tag on it from who knows when, or it’s something you would love to incorporate into your look, we will:

· Help you to maximize your wardrobe and create outfits from what you already have

· Help you understand your style personality and learn to express it from the inside out 

Allow a minimum of 2 hours



Head to Toe



Need a complete makeover? This is the ultimate Bright Look Style Package from head to toe. This is a process that will happen over several appointments to ensure you walk away with:

· An organized closet

· Updated wardrobe that you love to get dressed from

· Outfits that express your style

· Accessories, shoes, and cosmetics to complete your look

· Confidence to “Shine Bright”


Virtual Styling



Do you want to update your wardrobe or need help creating some new outfits but don't have time to meet in person?

We can still work together via Virtual Styling!  I will ask you to create a list of your most pressing style questions, for example:

· Is this dress in style, or should I donate it?

· I love this shirt but can you help me use it to create a few outfits?

· I want to spice up my outfits with accessories. Can you suggest a few items I can use in multiple looks?

· Here are some pictures from online of outfits I love.  Can you suggest some pieces to help me recreate the looks?

We will tackle these topics and more...virtually!  After our online session, I will send you follow-up correspondence that includes:

· Notes about the questions you asked during the virtual styling session

· A list of the items we pinpointed as missing from your wardrobe

· Shopping links to recommended items 


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