• Sort your cosmetics
  • Shop for what's missing
  • Apply it right to Shine Bright!

Beauty Services

Makeup Consultation

Virtual Beauty Styling

Virtual Beauty Styling



Do you feel overwhelmed by cosmetics and how to apply them, or want to refresh your skincare or beauty routine? During our session I will : 

· Share safe and clean beauty products with you

· Do your makeup and teach you proper application

·Create a personalized skincare & makeup routine for you

· Share skincare and makeup tips and tricks

·  Help you choose the right products to complete your beauty routine 

Allow 1.5-2 hours


Virtual Beauty Styling

Virtual Beauty Styling

Virtual Beauty Styling



Do you want to update your beauty routine or need help finding the right products, but don't have time to meet in person?

We can still work together via Virtual Beauty Styling! I will ask you to create a list of your most pressing beauty questions, for example:

· How do I know what shade of lipstick to buy?

· Should I wear eye liner underneath my eyes?

· What type of makeup brushes should I use?

· What product do I use to get that natural glow?

· What is the best skincare regimen for me?

We will tackle these topics and more...virtually! After our online session, I will send you follow-up correspondence that includes:

· A list of the items we pinpointed as missing from your beauty routine

· Link to shop the recommended products 

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