Styling Tips

Pop of Color


Don't be afraid to add some color to your wardrobe. Choose a colored shoe spice up your outfit!

Add a hat


Whether you need to block the sun, you're having a bad hair day, or want to be mysterious, a hat is a quick and fun accessory to add to any outfit.

Necklace vs Earrings


When you have a detailed neckline in your top or dress, it takes the place of a necklace. Instead, add statement earrings to complete the look. 

Classic Clutch


Have a classic neutral clutch in your wardrobe so you are ready to hit the town, instead of carrying your daytime tote.

Polished Nails


Even if you are a busy mom running errands and doing dishes, adding color to your nails puts an extra pep in your step to get it all done and makes you feel put-together. Tip: wear dish gloves and try long wear nail polish. 

Add a Scarf


Adding a scarf to a plain outfit takes it to the next level. It's an easy accessory to add, and it's comfortable.

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