Client Praise...

Shopping Appointment

"Shopping with Chelsea was so easy and fun! I arrived at the store and she greeted me with a huge smile. She had already been there for an hour finding clothes that would be perfect for me. She led me to the fitting room and it was filled with super cute finds! I love that I didn't have to search the store high and low for cute items, she did that all for me. All I had to do was try it all on, which she made a breeze. I never felt self-conscious and if something didn't work, we'd just try on the next thing. It was very stress-free! Another HUGE bonus working with Chelsea is that she helped me make decisions. I am very indecisive and she helped me decide what to do and how to keep it all within my budget. I left feeling confident, excited, and ready to wear all my new clothes!"

-Kim B.

Shopping Appointment

"Shopping with Chelsea was a great experience.  She helped me choose a fun outfit with a great blazer for my trip to the Ellen Show. That blazer ended up on camera three different times!  Chelsea also helped me accessorize and had me try on a number of completer pieces (cardigans, jackets, sweaters). I purchased most of them. I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on my new look and I feel confident that I’ll have something to wear when I go to my closet each morning.  I went from a stay-at-home mama to a part-time event coordinator this year and now I have the right wardrobe for that transition.  Thanks Chelsea!!"

-Lindsey T.

What to Wear Appointment

"I absolutely loved working with Chelsea!! I am so thankful that she has this unique service!  I am so happy that she uses her gift to help people like myself.  It was so much fun to meet with her and get her help in putting new outfits together.  She helped me go through a lot of my clothes and helped me let go of items that absolutely did nothing for my figure. Her attitude is so carefree and I felt no judgment.  She recommended what I needed to update my wardrobe and helped me that same day to buy some of those items online from home.  I am looking forward to her follow-up of the remaining items I need as well as continuing to work with her!  She is amazing!  I would highly recommend Chelsea to help you out!!"

-Juliana B.

Closet Audit

"I had no idea what to expect when I invited Chelsea to go through my closet. She was literally starting from scratch! To be honest, I was a little embarrassed that she might judge what I had or didn't have. This couldn't have been more wrong. In a couple of hours, Chelsea not only cleared my cluttering wardrobe, but built up confidence in "my style" that never really existed before. She is knowledgeable, direct but kind, and was very good about helping me hone in on what my style really is. She invested in my success by developing an awesome list of many items I could buy online or in-store. This was great for me since I had no idea where to start. When I had so many questions and needed guidance while shopping, she was readily available and always had several suggestions. She knows her stuff and this gave me confidence while shopping whereas before I would buy aimlessly only to return so much and end up with nothing that worked for me. Thank you so much Chelsea - you have helped me find the confidence that was always hiding beneath the surface! I am so excited for my updated wardrobe and the confidence to pick outfits that celebrate me instead of hide me. Life changing!"

-Jaime S.

Closet Audit

"I love working with Chelsea! She is so professional, creative and talented! We identified my style patterns and similarities in outfit choices that I have. We got rid of my old stuff that I have been accumulating in my closet for years and made room for new things. It looks much neater and functional too! She gave me different suggestions of what is missing in my basic outfit staples and what color range that will suit me best! I would strongly recommend her service to anyone who wants to do a wardrobe make over for sure!"

-Fidelia A.

Beauty Consultation/Style Tips

“To anyone who’s interested in improving their look or the way they feel about the way that they look.  I knew literally nothing about art, makeup, clothing, accessories, or especially scarves before I worked with Chelsea.  I must confess that I have known Chelsea since she was in high school and have watched her grow from a beautiful girl to an even more beautiful woman.  I also watched her grow professionally at Nordstrom. She is a dear friend, and when she mentioned that she was starting a business, I quickly asked for her services. She taught me a dozen tricks on how to wear scarves because I had no idea how to use the scarves that I had been given.  Then, she printed out carefully thought out details on what colors I should lean towards and stay away from, based on the color of my face, eyes, hair, etc.  After that, she taught me so much about all of the different makeup brushes and which is best for each purpose.  I am finally wearing mascara again because I stopped when even waterproof mascaras ran down my face.  I continue to use her help because my questions are never ending.  There is always something new for me to learn.  I trust her because this is her niche.  When it comes to beauty, she is brilliant.”

-Becky F.

Closet Audit & Shopping Appointment

"THIS IS YOUR GIRL! Especially if you need a boost in your clothing style for Spring/Summer, or you need a closet clean out/organizing. Or if you need someone to do all the leg work and send you links of what shirt, shoes and skirt to buy. Plus she is a make up artist. One-stop shop, she is your go to girl! I know because she just helped me with a closet clean out and I made some great new purchase recommendations. This lady is so kind and will work hard to pull it all together for you to feel confident in your outfits."

-Julie L.

Special Occasion Shopping Appointment

"I went shopping with Chelsea to look for 2 specific outfits for a weekend away with my husband. Chelsea contacted me ahead of time to get an idea of what I was looking for and sent me pictures to narrow down my likes and dislikes.  On our shopping day we were 100% successful.  I absolutely hate shopping, but Chelsea made it an experience to remember.  I felt like a queen.  She pulled many looks for me to try on and worked with the sales personnel to get me needed undergarments.  She also was able to get the in house tailor to fix a seam on the jumpsuit I bought while we finished shopping.  In just 2 hours Chelsea managed to get me 2 complete looks (clothes, undergarments, shoes, accessories).  I have received many compliments on those outfits.  During our shopping trip Chelsea also game me tips on how to wear the items I was buying in different ways.  I look forward to shopping with Chelsea again soon!"  

-Kelle T.

Wardrobe Update Shopping Appointment

"I am so thankful for Chelsea! She helped me completely update my Spring/Summer wardrobe...from my accessories, to my shoes and everything in between. I so enjoyed my shopping time with her. She was patient, kind, and full of wonderful suggestions. It was like shopping with a sweet friend who has amazing taste. I’m ready for summer thanks to Chelsea!"
-Jody C.

Closet Audit

"I recently had my first appointment with Chelsea from The Bright Look to do a closet audit at my house and all I can say is, “WOW, I am so glad I hired her! She is such a professional, talented, knowledgeable, and caring stylist.” I had a great experience from start to finish. She took my closet and dresser from overstuffed with duplicates and outdated fashion that I had unreasonable emotional connection to and brought it up to a closet that is inspiring, organized, and makes putting outfits together a breeze. I love that she even gave me a detailed shopping list of what to purchase to complete my wardrobe."

-Rebekah S.

Makeup Consultation

"I had my makeup appointment with Chelsea and was really excited about it! I was interested for awhile in finding a natural and quality makeup and skincare brand. Chelsea introduced me to Beautycounter and showed me the right products for my skin and style. She has motivated me to be more consistent about wearing my makeup. I’ve always been into fashion but not so much makeup, but now that I have the skills to apply it and motivation, I feel like my look is complete. I learned the best application techniques for my face and don’t feel like an amateur anymore! Chelsea answered all my questions and helped me to feel more confident in myself. I think of what she taught me when I’m doing my makeup for the day. I highly recommend others to have a   makeup consultation with Chelsea to get a different perspective on their beauty look or refresh their current routine."

-Larissa F.